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Audition Notice

Performing Arts of Woodstock announces auditions for its fall production of SLY FOX.
Written by Larry Gelbart (Mash,Tootsie), this fast-paced comedy steals the plot of Ben Jonsonís classic Volpone
and re-sets it in gold-rush era San Francisco.   Itís bawdy, raucous Borscht Belt humor. Robert McBroom will direct.
The casting is open to all ages and levels of stage experience.

FOXWELL SLY (M)- Middle age, a force of nature, a lusty,  conniving, scallywag
ABLE (M) - 20ís-30ís, his indentured servant, also conniving and a scallywag in training
CRAVEN	(M) - Middle age, lawyer, just as conniving and a scallywag to boot
CROUCH (M) - Ancient, also conniving, more of a rascal than a scallywag
TRUCKLE (M) - Middle age, both conniving and a scallywag. Married to:
MRS. TRUCKLE (F) - Young, beautiful, naive and pure as the driven snow
CAPT COUCH  (M)- Youngish, bellicose army officer
CHIEF OF POLICE (M) -Middle age - a prospector type
MISS FANCY (F) - Slightly over-the-hill madame
COURT CLERK (M) - Old and befuddled - cameo role

Rehearsals will be held in September, and performances In early October.
uditions will be held at the Woodstock Community Center, 56 Rock City Road
Aug. 9 and 11 from 7 to 9pm & Aug.14 from 2 to 4pm. Bring a short speech of your choice.

For information call 679-7900.

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